Spurred by illness, Aberdeen woman, 21, tops off her initial ‘bucket list’

Staff Writer

ABERDEEN — A self-described “precrastinator,” Morissa Schwartz has already achieved all of the goals on her initial “bucket list.”

The 21-year-old checked off breaking a Guinness World Record, appearing on MTV, writing a book and graduating from Drew University within a three-year span.

“I call myself a precrastinator,” Schwartz said. “I get what is important done right away, and it’s all about setting a very specific schedule and sticking to that … it makes it a lot easier.”

Her most recent accomplishment is publishing “Notes Never Sent,” an inspirational book intended to help others recognize the beauty in the little things people do every day.

“I spent about two years writing this, and it’s about appreciating the everyday people who are making an impact on you that you don’t even realize and appreciating the difference that they make in your life,” said Schwartz, who is currently a graduate student at Monmouth University

“I enjoyed writing it so much because I do feel that it is the little things people do that can make a big difference.” .

A sixth-generation resident of Woodbridge who moved to Aberdeen a little over a year ago, Schwartz has a “bucket list” she started making at just 12 years old after struggling with late-stage Lyme disease.

Dealing with the illness at a young age, she said inspired her to live life to the fullest and create her “bucket list” — all of which she has already crossed off.

“I became an official Guinness World Record holder in 2010 for creating the World’s Longest Chain of Bracelets,” she said, adding that she was in high school when she accomplished her goal of breaking a Guinness World Record.

Schwartz searched the book for a record to surpass.

“The world’s longest chain of bracelets seemed like the easiest one to do because I have always enjoyed making jewelry and I made a lot of bracelets when I was younger; it was like my gift for everybody.”

She broke the record with 1,100 bracelets.

Schwartz said she also achieved her goal of appearing on national television by being selected as a contestant on the MTV series “Copycat.”

“I am very passionate about singing, I have been singing since I was kid and I sing at a lot of local events, but I think doing “Copycat” was probably one of the best experiences of my life,” she said.

Another goal she set to get done is her work as a writer for “Entertainment Weekly.”

“I have been writing for them for over a year now, writing recaps on television shows … and interviewing cast members, writing about books … it has been so much fun.”

“I still have many more goals on my bucket list, but I am enjoying following my passion and dreams, and hope others see that despite challenges you can achieve anything you set your mind to.”