Most car shoppers suffer buyer’s remorse

Though few consumers ever buy a car or truck on impulse, even the bestprepared shoppers will end up driving off a dealer’s lot packing a trunk-load of reservations and regrets.

According to surveys hosted on the car shopping/research website, 69 percent of consumers have experienced buyer’s remorse after purchasing a car. The most common fear was the apprehension that the vehicle would suffer mechanical issues. Other insecurities include paying too much for a given model, making an underinformed impulse purchase and that the car didn’t have all of a buyer’s most-wanted features. According to AutoTrader site editor Brian Moody, car shoppers should always take a full test drive of any car under consideration on familiar roads and bring family members or a friend along for support. Decide on a price limit — and not just a projected monthly payment — before entering a showroom, and allow plenty of time to consider the deal before signing the papers

— Jim Gorzelany
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