The word ‘God’ has a place in national mottos

Legislation was signed into law by President George Bush, reaffirming support for the words "under God" in our pledge and also the words, "In God We Trust," as our national motto.

This in itself is monumental, because we are truly a nation that is under God, and since we are believers, we do trust in God.

Let no man try and take this right from us, not even a non-believer such as that misguided individual in California. Our country was founded for just this reason. We must protect this right.

It disappoints me to read that when this bill came before our lawmakers in Washington, D.C., the Senate overwhelmingly approved the bill unanimously, but not so in the House of Representatives.

It seems that we have some elected officials in the House of Representatives who cast a negative vote for this very important piece of legislation.

These officials have lived all their lives under the protective umbrella called freedom.

These elected officials have all the rights and privileges to vote the way they see fit, but I’m sure it wasn’t the will of their constituents.

These people, all Democrats, voted their mind and will without seeking input from their public.

They should be chastised.

Let us not forget their names, all House members, all Democrats: Barney Frank (Mass.), Michael Honda and Pete Stark (Calif.), Jim McDermott (Wash.), and Bobby Scott (Va.).

This is our country, right or wrong. I ask, can anyone find a better one?

Fly your flag everyday, weather permitting and above all, may God bless America, even those five members of congress.

Arthur A. Sholty