Residents should take fight to legislators

Although residents of Lynwood Estates do not think the Upper Freehold Township Committee went far enough in their efforts to fight the more than 5 million square feet of warehouse space that has been approved just over the border in neighboring Washington Town-ship, the committee was smart to hold back a little bit.

If Upper Freehold officials had declared all out war on the complex, it is likely that relations between Upper Freehold and Washington would have soured. By trying to work with officials in Washington instead of against them, Upper Freehold may very well win more concessions that will help minimize the impact of the complex on nearby residents in the long run.

As this behemoth of a project moves through the state, county, and local bureaucracies to gain various approvals, open lines of communication among all the parties involved will be important, particularly in regard to the traffic this project will create.

Residents should continue to concentrate their efforts on appeals for help to those with more clout than the committee has.

Enlisting state legislators could help the residents navigate what will surely be a complex tangle of approvals involving state agencies, two counties, and several municipalities (neighboring Allentown Borough will also be affected).