Webmaster expected to update town’s page

By louis c. hochman

Staff Writer

MILLSTONE — Residents who have been surfing to Millstone’s municipal Web page will soon see the first changes to the site in months, after a township resident takes over as its new webmaster.

The Township Committee has chosen resident David Gregorio to be the new webmaster for www.millstone.nj.us. The committee began its search for a new webmaster after the person handling the task on a voluntary basis said he could no longer do so due to work requirements.

The site was last updated in December.

Gregorio, an employee at a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, will be paid $2,500 over the course of the year to maintain the site.

Mayor Cory Wingerter said he believes the site will be up and available to residents in a few weeks.

"We’re hoping to have it going in the next two weeks or so," he said. "Commit-teeman (William) Kastning and I plan to meet with Mr. Gregorio next week to discuss it."

He said the township has begun e-mailing documents and content for the updated site to Gregorio.

The mayor said the content of the site will remain largely the same as it is now, although he expects the site to become easier to navigate and be more visually appealing.

The Millstone Web site currently has sections devoted to agriculture, the municipal budget, clubs and organizations, government bodies, schools, local events, town news, meeting minutes, recreation and other items of interest to residents.

Wingerter said he hopes the township will be able to get more of its meeting minutes posted to the site than before.

"We hope to have the agendas up there and the minutes, but obviously those will have to get to Mr. Gregorio as we get them," he said. "It will be a pretty slight extension of what was there before."

The site will also soon include a copy of Millstone’s ordinance book, once it has been compiled for archive on CD-ROM and the Web.

The committee, when searching for a new webmaster, considered two other options. Another resident had offered to maintain the Web site for the same cost eventually agreed upon with Gregorio, and the township was considering asking the school district’s webmaster to take on the task as well.

While Wingerter previously suggested the town pay a new webmaster with funds normally allocated to the newsletter, and by doing so cut back on publication of the newsletter from every month to every few months, feedback from residents indicated they preferred the monthly updates.

"We got a lot of response to keep the newsletter," Wingerter said. "Our residents hope and expect that they get the newsletter once a month."

He said because not all residents have access to the Web, the newsletter is needed to let them know what’s going on in town.