Generous supporters deserve thanks

The Presbyterian Church of Jamesburg has been the home of a local food cupboard for a number of years, providing food to needy families regardless of religious affiliation. Food is distributed by appointment on a monthly basis, and emergency assistance is given when needed. The church board of deacons administers the food cupboard under the direction of the chairwoman of the welfare committee.

The cupboard exists primarily due to the generous contributions of food, time and money from church members, local businesses and individuals in Jamesburg and surrounding communities. This report is submitted as an expression of gratitude to all who may have contributed, even if anonymously.

Each year two major food drives are conducted. In November, the local Boy Scouts conduct their annual "Scouting for Food" drive. This year we broke the record for the number of bags brought in by our Scouts. I also suspect that we broke a record in terms of volunteers. Many people, both from Jamesburg and from surrounding communities, were on hand to carry bags, check expiration dates, sort the food, carry boxes upstairs and put away the donations. Our local Boy Scouts deserve an extra thank you for volunteering to help every month with our preparation as we bag and box up food according to family size.

The U.S. Post Office also conducts an annual food drive. Last spring the mail carriers worked tirelessly, making numerous trips from their various routes as the trucks filled with donations. This year they will be picking up food on May 13. Your generosity is appreciated.

While we try to keep our function to acting strictly as a provider of food for the needy, we have had occasional offers of other types of donations. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the space or the staff to handle these and therefore divert them to other organizations.

In 1999 our food cupboard was able to donate food to the victims of the hurricane flooding in Bound Brook. Locally we provided food to 277 families — a total of 725 people. This works out to a total of at least 20,300 meals. The words of gratitude expressed by the recipients of this food need to be passed on to all of you who have generously given so much. Thank you. This year we printed our own "coupons" for milk and eggs, redeemable at a nearby store which allows us to provide these staples as emergencies arise.

Since becoming involved a year ago, I have seen the look of joy on a person’s face when he finally landed a job, relief on the face of the young mother who would have had no Christmas for her children without help. I have seen the poor help the poor, giving one another rides, checking in on one another when illness strikes, being genuinely concerned.

I have also been on the receiving end as the needy volunteered to help out during the food drives. I am proud to be involved.

If you would like to contribute to the food cupboard, donations may be brought to the church and left in the rear of the sanctuary or dropped off at the church office at 177 Gatzmer Ave., Jamesburg. If you would like to volunteer, you may call the church office at (732) 521-1711.

Janet Curtis is the chairwoman of the welfare committee at the Presbyterian Church of Jamesburg.