Let’s think about the future of recreation

Is Millstone an environmentally concerned community? We have a rural beauty desired by many. We have "open space" in 13 neighborhoods zoned R-130. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well, let’s think for a moment.

Exactly what does "R-130 Open Space" mean? R-130 Open Space means the township owns the land. They can use it in many ways. The township can construct permanent structures, stadium lights and recreation facilities, as well as municipal buildings and stations. Does this sound like an environmentally concerned community at the present, let alone the future?

I urge all residents of Millstone Township to think of what the future holds for us with the plans that are now implemented. I call this planning the "Band-Aid technique" or a "quick fix." Things that are properly planned endure the test of time. However, they need great care and nurturing during the planning stages. Accordingly, the benefits are not only seen today, but will have a positive lasting effect.

The Recreation Committee is in the process of acquiring three of the 13 open-space parcels of land for recreation facilities. There are 10 other parcels of land that can still be consumed.

By doing this, the Recreation Commit-tee is taking away our rural community piece by piece. If you would like the current trend to change and desire a township that is truly an environmentally concerned community, please make the Township Committee aware of your views. Central-ized recreation is the best way to preserve our rural community.

Maria Clement