Line of succession should still be addressed in S.R.


his week, Capt. Wesley Bomba returned to the South River Police Department after almost a year’s absence. He was suspended from the force March 8, 1999, after a fellow officer brought departmental charges against him.

Subsequently, three female employees of the police department filed sexual harassment charges against Bomba.

Bomba has now been cleared of all but one of the charges and has been given the green light to return to work.

And just in time. With the impending retirement of Police Chief Francis X. Eib, who will leave in April but will not officially retire until October, Bomba’s suspension had led to questions of succession in the Police Department.

According to a borough ordinance, the next in line to be promoted to police chief is a captain. However, when Eib announced he was stepping down, the only captain in the department — Capt. Wesley Bomba— was suspended.

As a result, Lt. Michael Trojanowski acted as police chief when Eib was on vacation or personal leave.

In addition, Mayor Robert Szegeti took steps to change the ordinance to allow for a civilian police director instead of a police chief. However, that matter was defeated by a majority vote of the Borough Council.

Instead, Councilman Sal Marsicano recommended that the council investigate changing the ordinance to make lieutenants, as well as captains, eligible for the police chief post.

However, that measure seems to have come to a halt with the return of Bomba — but it should not. Just because Bomba has returned to the force does not mean he is the only choice to succeed Eib. And the council still has seven months before it needs to elect a permanent replacement for the police chief.

Open the floor to lieutenants, of which the department currently has two. Now, instead of having only one choice — which technically does not become a choice — the council will have three applicants from which to choose.

This is not to say that Bomba is not qualified to be chief, or that he should not be promoted, but wouldn’t the residents of South River be served better if there was a larger applicant pool?

Besides, even with Bomba as police chief, the line of succession can still be a murky area in the future. This is not a dead issue, and should not be treated as one.

Wrestlers and families extend thanks

The wrestlers and family members of the Sayreville Recreation wrestling program would like to thank everyone in the community who helped make our recent wrestling tournament a huge success. Members of the business community donated food, drinks, etc., and purchased boosters in the program booklet, which showed their support of the entire recreation wrestling program.

Furthermore, we would also like to express our appreciation to the wrestlers in the Sayreville Middle School seventh- and eighth-grade wrestling program, the wrestlers on the Recreation A seventh- and eighth-grade squads and those from the high school who dedicated their time to make sure the tournament was successful.

We would also like to thank Sayreville War Memorial High School Coach Len Zaleski for being present throughout the day at the tournament, along with middle school Coach Christopher Beagan, for their ongoing support of our program.

Kevin Redding

on behalf of the Sayreville Wrestling Association Parents Group

Sayreville police officer displayed concern

This is a copy of a letter I recently wrote to Chief John Garbowski of the Sayreville Police Department.

I would like to commend one of your staff, Patrolman Barry Eck. He was of great assistance to me on Jan. 31.

My brother, who lived in Metuchen, was found deceased in his home by the Metuchen Police Department. Patrolman Eck was dispatched by the Sayreville Police Department to inform me of the grim news. His kindness, and most of all genuine concern, were most appreciated at this most horrific time. He went far beyond his call of duty in this time of great sorrow and shock. Again, my heartfelt thanks to Patrolman Eck, who has proven to be a great asset to the borough of Sayreville.

Dolores Capabianco

Parlin section of Sayreville

Township environmental officials are concerned about variance

This is a copy of a letter we recently sent to the Old Bridge Township Council.

We are writing to you as chairwoman and vice chairwoman of the Old Bridge Township Environmental Commission to express our deep concern over the variance granted by the township Zoning Board for the property known as Schoolhouse Lane Associates (Application 107-99Z).

The Environmental Commission has worked diligently for years trying to raise the consciousness of both the citizens of the township as well as our elected officials on the importance of maintaining open space, especially in such a location with its proximity to Cheesequake Park.

The commission has been especially concerned with environmentally sensitive conditions such as steep slopes and the like, points we identified as concerns on this site. This is evident by our commitment to preserving the conservation easement as a restriction to development.

We urge you to conduct a full review of the testimony presented by the applicant to determine whether the applicant presented convincing testimony that the variance or relief was justifiably granted, particularly since the commission believes, in fact, that the granting of this variance is detrimental to the public good. We strongly believe that both the intent and purpose of the zoning ordinance was impaired by this unfortunate decision.

This council made a commitment to its citizenship to preserve open space and limit rampant development. We urge you to keep your promise for sound, planned growth in this community. The granting of the variance should be done with restraint and only when the public good is not impaired.

Blanche D. Hoffman


Susan Knauf

Vice Chairwoman

Old Bridge Environmental Commission

SWMHS team, supporters were all winners at basketball game

I would first like to congratulate the Sayreville War Memorial High School (SWMHS) boys basketball team for winning the Greater Middlesex Basketball Tournament in a game against Carteret on Saturday, Feb. 26, at Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

What a great game both teams played. They deserve to be commended for their athleticism and the good sportsmanship they exhibited. Congratulations to all the Sayreville coaches, managers, trainers, cheerleaders and fans for the support and class they showed during the game.

Too bad the same level of class was not demonstrated by some of the fans. The chanting of obscenities, the obnoxious booing, the rude gestures and the name calling directed toward the cheerleaders was in the very least an embarrassment to their team and to their school, not to mention a poor show of character. I hope those in question realize that poor manners and rude behavior do not win the game.

It would seem to me that Sayreville was an all-around winner that day. I am very proud to have two children who attend SWMHS, not just for the quality education they get or for the championships they have won over the years, but for the fine character that the kids in the school always seem to demonstrate.

Tom Marchitelli

Parlin section of Sayreville