Marlboro Republicans irked by mayor’s email report

By Rebecca Morton

Marlboro Republicans irked by mayor’s email report

MARLBORO — A township-wide email that keeps residents up to date on the goings on in Marlboro Town Hall has become a sensitive spot in the upcoming Township Council election.

Mayor Jonathan Hornik uses Marlboro’s Internet website email list to periodically update residents on what is going on in the municipality.

The Republican candidates seeking three seats on the Township Council in the Nov. 3 election are upset at the timing of one such email which was sent out in early October. The candidates say the email was timed to be “campaign propaganda.”

Hornik, who is not on the ballot this year, denied that claim.

The email was distributed to people who have signed up to receive email updates from the township’s website. Notifications are sent for various updates, including meeting agendas, municipal events and township news.

In the email message at the heart of this matter is an update from Hornik on the status of municipal topics such as union contracts and open space preservation. There is no mention of any of the six candidates (three Democrats and three Republicans) who are running for council or of the Nov. 3 election in the letter to residents.

The Republican council candidates — Jack Zatz, Carol Mazzola and Selika Josiah Gore — have taken issue with the timing of the email, which was issued about one month prior to the election.

“It was the timing and the fact that the only thing it served was one purpose, and that was for the administration and the mayor to tout the ‘wonderful job,’ I say that in quotes somewhat cynically, that he is doing,” Zatz told the News Transcript this week.

“It’s supposed to be used for announcements of upcoming Zoning Board of Adjustment meetings, Planning Board meetings and other municipal events, not for (the mayor) to pat himself on the back with what a great job he did. The timing was especially egregious,” Zatz added.

Hornik responded to the Republicans’ charge that his email was related to the election by saying, “I promised transparency in government and we’re living up to that promise.

“I have been sending emails to the town since the day I was elected, from my monthly updates during our first 100 days to various emails throughout the year. There is no special timing on this email more so than any other email.

“It’s unfortunate that the Republican candidates care less about the things that matter to the residents of Marlboro, which include cutting spending, preserving open space and transparency in government, rather than raising issues were there are none,” Hornik said.

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