Edison, Metuchen vote to continue agreement

Staff Writer

Edison, Metuchen vote
to continue agreement
Staff Writer

EDISON — The township will continue to provide emergency medical services to neighboring Metuchen.

The Edison Township Council unanimously approved a resolution Oct. 9 to continue the interlocal service agreement which authorizes Edison First Aid to take calls from residents of the borough.

The Metuchen Borough Council passed a similar resolution at its Oct. 7 meeting.

The agreement between the two municipalities has been ongoing for about five years, said Metuchen Mayor Ed O’Brien.

Metuchen has to renew the agreement annually, he said.

The resolution issued by Edison authorizes the agreement for a time frame not to exceed five years.

The borough needs help providing emergency services coverage during the day, O’Brien said.

"We experience a lack of coverage during the day from our volunteer squad," he said, due to volunteers’ work schedules and the amount of training that goes into being an emergency medical technician.

Each time the Edison First Aid Squad is called into the borough, Metuchen will pay $100 for the service.

Interlocal agreements like this one "is how we try to save taxpayers money," said Edison Councilman Parag Patel.

The township will not have to hire any new staff or purchase any new equipment to provide services to the Metuchen area, said Jonathan Capp, township business administrator.

The township tries to enter into these agreements for either cost-saving or revenue-generating reasons, Patel said.