‘Pipe Dreams’ artwork

on display at E.B. mall

on display at E.B. mall

"Pipe Dreams," an international art exhibit featuring works done with recy­cled materials, is on display through the end of April at Brunswick Square Mall, Route 18 south, East Brunswick.

The exhibit, which is offered cour­tesy of the Visual Arts League of East Brunswick, is a collection of works by artists and schoolchildren from New Jersey, various other states, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, India and France. A piece created by children from East Brunswick’s Camp Daisy is included in the collection.

The show previously was displayed at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall, New York City, and most recently was seen at Paul Robeson School, New Brunswick.

"Pipe Dreams New Jersey" began two years ago as a low-budget commu­nity project with five students in Freda Rhodes’ classes at Paul Robeson School. It has grown into an interna­tional collaboration created through the Internet, bringing together artworks by international and regional artists and schoolchildren. The project merges with New Zealand artist Henry Sunderland’s project, "The Great Pipe Dream," which was created by New Zealand schoolchildren.

For more information, call the Visual Arts League at (732) 254-7611 or visit www.valweb.org.