Taking time on crematorium is right move

I take exception to your recent Atlanticville editorial calling for a speedy resolution of the Woodbine Cemetery Cremator-ium proposal currently before the Planning Board of Oceanport.

Where there are numerous unanswered questions and concerns relating to health and environment issues, there should be no rush to judgment.

The cemetery owner thinks the opposition to his plan is based solely on the effect of a crematorium on property values. This is an arrogant opinion that reflects a concern to make money at the expense of the health and safety of residents, not just those of Oceanport, but all surrounding communities.

Where you have a facility that will place vapors of mercury, formaldehyde and other toxins in our air, you have the potential for disaster.

There should be no rush to finalize the decision of the Planning Board. Anyone who thinks there are no health or environmental concerns to this proposed crematorium is making a huge mistake.

The attitude of the Atlanticville is wrong, and is a disservice to the Atlanticville readership as well as all citizens of Oceanport, West Long Branch, Long Branch, Eatontown and other towns who will be downwind of the proposed crematorium.

This facility will create a toxic plume that, at different times of the year, will affect everyone.

Is it any wonder that there is opposition to it, and that these opponents are fighting for us all?

Michael A. Keats