Residents reiterate opposition to Jackson’s Fairview application

As close neighbors to Jackson and past residents, we implore Jack-son Mayor Joseph Grisanti to contact Judge Eugene Serpentelli to release Jackson from the affordable housing commitment regarding the Fairview development planned by Hovbilt.

As has been specified numerous times before that Jackson, as well as New Egypt residents, are totally against building on this property for many obvious reasons: among these we need preservation of these precious wetlands. Many endangered species are found therein. Prospertown Road is a historical road dating back 200 years, and there are traffic concerns on the adjoining roads.

Needless to say the proposal of moving the Pushkin memorial is an outrageous consideration to the community of Cassville.

Mayor Grisanti has heard all these pleas from the many, many residents of both townships for such a long time now.

As mayor and leader, will he take all our concerns to heart? Jackson has enough building plans invading properties, homes, etc., now in existence. The people are overtaxed now.

Mayor Grisanti’s attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated by citizens of Jackson and New Egypt.

Georgia and

Charlie Mandrik

New Egypt section

of Plumsted