Plumsted police agree to new contract with town committee

Staff Writer

By Kathy Baratta

Plumsted police agree to new
contract with town committee

PLUMSTED — A contract has been signed with the Plumsted-Jackson Patrol-men’s Benevolent Association Local 168 that amends the current police contract that was due to expire in December 2002.

The new contract extends the agreement through December 2005.

Mayor Ron Dancer told Greater Media Newspapers that although the Township Committee and the union were not under any obligation to reopen the present contract, representatives of both sides mutually desired to do so.

Dancer said the new contract netted the police a new pay scale and benefits that are "very competitive with area police departments." Also, new positions of corporal, sergeant and lieutenant were created.

Dancer said that on behalf of the committee he wanted thanks extended to Plumsted police senior officer Robert Pintye, president of the PBA, and Director of Public Safety Peter Weinrich for their role in the negotiations.

"Our community can be very proud of our police officers for the fine job they do in protecting the public safety," the mayor said.

Dancer went on to announce that this summer Plumsted will be implementing its first 24-hour, seven-day-a-week local police coverage.

"Our police officers are deserving of their new pay scale, benefits and rank structure that will also assist in retaining officers who enjoy working in Plumsted," the mayor observed.

Dancer said the committee is planning to extend improved benefit schedules to all full-time municipal employees.

"We are very fortunate to have such well-qualified full-time employees and we need to make every effort, within our means, to not only retain them, but to demonstrate our appreciation to them for the fine job they do in serving the public," the mayor said.