Millstone Coalition responds to queries about its mission

The Millstone Coalition was conceived years ago as a nonpolitical organization to help causes and people in Millstone. As membership increased and politics became a focal point, the Millstone Coalition registered as a political action committee (PAC) with the state of New Jersey. Throughout the growth of the organization, its executive committee and members have made a concerted effort to help and seek recognition.

Understandably, people who are not affiliated with the organization have many questions.

Membership has grown to more than 40 members, including people of different races, religions, age, political affiliation, etc., and the structure of forums is informal. "Issues" that affect the township are discussed, and once they are identified, solutions are sought. Without divulging names, the coalition and its members are responsible for helping elderly and less-fortunate residents pay bills, helping sick families pay taxes to remain in the township, coaching in the recreation programs, donating to the church, granting money for scholarships, supporting the Millstone Woman’s Organization, giving holidays to families who cannot afford one, and supporting many other causes.

Since we have such a diverse membership and tremendous political affiliations, we actively seek candidates for political office and board positions within the township.

We supported candidates such as Mayor Evan Maltz, Deputy Mayor Cory Wingerter, Commit-teeman Charles Abate and Committeeman William Nurko over the last few years, and our members have made politics in this town about the right person, not who is an R and who is a D.

The coalition has consistently searched for the correct candidate, a candidate who must have a genuine interest in common areas such as children, seniors, open space and quality of life.

The coalition will remain as long as the membership sees the need for an informal forum of citizens who stand committed to basic common issues and the overall growth and prosperity of our beautiful township.

To become a member, please visit our Web site at or write to The Millstone Coalition, P.O. Box 122, Perrineville 08535.

Howard G. Tobias


The Millstone Coalition