Would views on gays affect school policies?

To the editior:
   As Danielle Greco did last week, we would first like to express our relief that the vast majority of letters that have appeared in response to Laura Burshnic’s letter regarding homosexuality have supported tolerance as opposed to bigotry. Many thanks to those who have written so clearly and informatively.
   We would however like to go one step beyond Ms. Greco’s suggestion that Ms. Burshnic review the Constitution prior to the possible approval of Liberty Academy Charter School, for which she is one of three co-founders.
   Specifically, we would like to ask Ms. Burshnic and her co-founders how her expressed attitudes regarding homosexuality might impact hiring and admissions policies should the charter be approved.
   In other words, would you support the hiring of a qualified, openly gay teacher at Liberty Academy Charter School?
   As Ms. Greco pointed out, if approved, Liberty Academy Charter School would be a publicly funded institution that should adhere to anti-discrimination policies that apply to public institutions.
   While we would certainly expect adherence to the "letter of the law," we can’t help but wonder if adherence to the "spirit of the law" would be possible given the views expressed by Ms. Burshnic.
   Finally, if religious belief is at issue here, as suggested by Richard Blonna last week, it would raise broader questions as to Liberty Academy Charter School’s stance with regard to the constitutionally protected separation of church and state in public institutions especially where hiring, admissions and curricula are concerned.
   We hope that Ms. Burshnic and Liberty Academy co-founders Mike Detsis and Bruno Padovani will take advantage of this public forum to address the specific and more general concerns raised here.
Ann Kindfield

Peter Kindfield
Zion Road
Neshanic Station