Voters should have final say on holiday displays


am someone who had an interest in the resolution that would have allowed religious displays on South Brunswick municipal property. I believe this is one of the many instances in life where we need to bow to the will of the majority. If the township were to put this very sensitive subject in the form of a public question and we vote on it, who then could honestly find fault with the outcome?

I would also like to take a moment and say something about Township Councilman Edmund Luciano. I know Ed to be kind, humble, and very considerate of the feeling of others. I do not expect him to be perfect because that would require a standard that I, myself, could never reasonably hope to achieve.

It helps to recognize that often both sides in a debate will make a statement that an opponent does not readily comprehend. In those situations, it helps to keep in mind the value of forgiveness.

Arthur A. Roedel Jr.

Monmouth Junction section of South Brunswick.