Taxes should be based on an ability-to-pay schedule

The March 9 Sentinel letter about school funding raises questions. One would believe our taxes would double and school boards be eliminated if our schools were fully funded by the state.

A family of four living in a typical home pays about $2,600 per year in school property tax. Additionally, this family pays around $855 per year for New Jersey based on an income of $60,000 per year, $2,300 on $100,000 per year or $400 on $35,000 per year.

If the state income tax were doubled as suggested in the March 9 letter, school property taxes would be eliminated. These same families would have their total taxes reduced $1,745; $300; or $2,200.

What’s not to like? Wouldn’t all bread-and-butter citizens from young to seniors benefit when schools are funded based on ability to pay?

Aren’t the school boards substantially controlled now by the present state aid of $6 billion?

Haven’t people of all political beliefs acknowledged the present school property tax system is regressive?

Shouldn’t we, through our representatives, have a more effective system to encourage efficient school districts and improve the rest?

Matthew House

North Brunswick