Former mayor says La family’s assertion of bias is preposterous

Kyung Ho La’s death was a tragic event for his family, friends, the police and our community. The pain that his parents are experiencing can only be imagined. While La’s family may believe he was not responsible for the thousands of dollars of neighborhood vandalism, they cannot refute the facts.

The assertion of bias is preposterous. The facts and the grand jury’s findings negate it. Plus, the respected, veteran officers who responded are of exemplary character with highly commendable service records. It is my privilege to know each of them. They embody the philosophy and spirit of community policing. They care about our families and theirs. They are highly trained men who value the diversity of our community.

Sgt. Ray Hayducka is a man of honor, a gentle man, and a tribute to South Brunswick. I first met him a decade ago when I served on the Township Committee. It has been my privilege to observe the manner in which he relates to citizens of all backgrounds and ages. Citizens have seen him pedaling on neighborhood bicycle patrol, at Community Unity Day, and relating to adolescents. The charges of bias that are the basis for the $10 million lawsuits are both irresponsible and false.

The representatives of Kyung Ho La’s estate should honestly evaluate the events of the past year and apologize to those whom they have hurt with their baseless charges. If not, a tragedy will be compounded.

Vincent R. DeLucia

Former mayor

South Brunswick