Let’s hope message sinks in


orth Brunswick residents and their present and former elected officials made it abundantly clear Monday that they do not want go-go bars in their neighborhoods.

Former Mayor Paul Matacera, who has not been heard from in recent months, spoke eloquently on behalf of the opposite sex when he said, "I think go-go dancing is an exploitation of women."

While that alone is good reason to reject such establishments, there are lots more.

Residents who live near the former Virgo’s site recalled the noise, the disgusting litter and the type of people who are attracted to such establishments. One woman recalled that her family had to put up with beer bottles being thrown near her property and cars, and motorcycles racing up the street at 3 o’clock in the morning.

They simply don’t want any of that in their neighborhood.

South Brunswick residents should also be cheered by the North Brunswick Township Council’s decision not to approve the transfer of a liquor license to the new owner of the property, since it is very close to the border the two townships share.

The applicant, who plans to appeal, claims the council’s decision was arbitrary and capricious.

It’s anything but. Maybe he should listen carefully to a tape of Monday’s meeting. Maybe then the message will sink in.