Place to skate is in everyone’s interest


am the very proud mother of one of the skateboarders pictured in your recent feature articles about the proposed ban in Red Bank. Please allow an indulgent moment to describe this fine young man.

He is a sophomore at Red Bank Regional High School and has been on the honor roll for the last 11 years. He holds a job where he is respected by his employers and well-liked by their customers. Half his earnings are spent in the businesses of our great town.

He and his friends are polite, well-mannered and respectable citizens. Their hair may be a strange color and their clothes may look odd; however, my parents felt the same about me. Most kids their age do think they own the world, and yet these kids have a healthy tolerance and understanding for all the differences in our society.

I support my son’s dream of becoming a professional skateboarder with a chance to travel and experience the thrill of competition. Let’s allow these kids to practice their chosen sport without harassment and fear.

Respect for private property in our town is crucial (my son has come to realize this) in keeping it such a great place to live, work and play. Providing our kids with a place to skate is in everyone’s interest.

Jane Gerstler

Red Bank