Opposition voices sound ‘buggy’ to writer

The year is 2000 and everyone thought the Y2K bug was a myth. But, alas, it is an election year in East Brunswick, and we can suddenly see the Y2K bug(s) addressing the Township Council on Monday evenings. We also see their handiwork in the local letters to the editor columns.

Whatever the mayor says, they say the opposite. When the council signed a money-making 15-year contract with Comcast, these Y2Kers decided that the deal was no good. When the mayor and the council are proactive, these people take them to task. Remember that when these Y2K bugs were in control of the town, the streets went unpaved, a nightclub secretly opened on Route 18 and no one filed with the county for open space funds.

I guess this will be an interesting year for East Brunswick. "Monday Night at the Frights" is back. Yes, "frights," because the Y2K bug fiction may sound better than the facts.

Jerry Pliskin

East Brunswick