Improving scores not an impossible dream for Keyport

In your article dated March 1, your headline stated, "Keyport Happy With New Test Results." Would you please let me know who is happy with results that rank our high school in the bottom 25 percent of schools in Monmouth County (I’m being kind with the 25 percent figure)? Is Mr. Dumford happy? If so, perhaps it’s time to take a graduate course in analyzing test scores. Is the Board of Education happy? They are volunteers, not professional educators, and I applaud them for doing their best. Are the high school administrators happy? If so, they are inept administrators. Are the high school teachers happy? I’ve been teaching for 26 years, and I would be embarrassed. Are the students happy? If true, that’s sad. Are the people of this great town happy? I doubt it.

While raking leaves in the fall, I was proud to see our football team riding in fire trucks as they celebrated another state championship. I’d like to see a parade held when our high school’s state mandatory test scores rank in the top 50 percent of the country. I don’t think it’s an impossible dream. Take off the rose-colored glasses and get to work.

Mike Shaw