New Jersey’s core curriculum standards deplorable

We were promised "world class" academic standards. We were also promised "rigorous" standards and "tougher" state assessments. What we have received from the State Board and Department of Education are deplorable standards.

Every parent and taxpayer in this state should go to the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation Web site and read the reviews of independent experts of each of New Jersey’s academic subject areas. The report is called "The State of State Standards 2000" and can be found at:

The only academic area that received a decent grade is science. The rest are a disgrace — "C" in math and "F" in English, history and geography. In the summary, New Jersey is placed in the "irresponsible" category. It is not enough to simply state this situation is unacceptable.

Our children’s graduation is going to be based upon their performance on the assessments. In time, our school districts’ funding and certification will also be based upon the results.

The State Board and Department of Education appear incapable of creating and properly implementing a system that will ensure our children receive a quality education. We urge the Legislature to intervene immediately.

Marianne Kligman


Ronni Infantino