SWMHS team, supporters were all winners at basketball game

I would first like to congratulate the Sayreville War Memorial High School (SWMHS) boys basketball team for winning the Greater Middlesex Basketball Tournament in a game against Carteret on Saturday, Feb. 26, at Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

What a great game both teams played. They deserve to be commended for their athleticism and the good sportsmanship they exhibited. Congratulations to all the Sayreville coaches, managers, trainers, cheerleaders and fans for the support and class they showed during the game.

Too bad the same level of class was not demonstrated by some of the fans. The chanting of obscenities, the obnoxious booing, the rude gestures and the name calling directed toward the cheerleaders was in the very least an embarrassment to their team and to their school, not to mention a poor show of character. I hope those in question realize that poor manners and rude behavior do not win the game.

It would seem to me that Sayreville was an all-around winner that day. I am very proud to have two children who attend SWMHS, not just for the quality education they get or for the championships they have won over the years, but for the fine character that the kids in the school always seem to demonstrate.

Tom Marchitelli

Parlin section of Sayreville