Skateboarding — it’s about freedom


anning skating in Red Bank is yet another example of legislation that turns average citizens into criminals. If skateboarding has become such a pervasive problem in Red Bank, then why not address the problem in terms of loitering.

Skateboarders often spend hours at a particular spot, such as a curb or a step, which challenges their abilities. Such activities should not be considered illegal provided it is public property and it is not presenting a safety hazard to pedestrians. If for any reason such skaters become a problem, they should be treated as loiterers. This leaves the borough streets available to those skaters who have the common sense not to become a nuisance.

Skating is sport, a form of transportation and a social activity, which only requires a skateboard and skill. It requires no lift ticket, monthly fee or license, and thus it is a sport based on freedom. If Red Bank bans skating, it will be yet another piece of legislation that chips away not only at the freedom of skaters but the freedoms on which this country was founded. If we continue to create such ridiculous legislation, we will find ourselves living in a police state.

Kevin Welch

Sea Bright