Skaters are a part of streetscape


would first like to thank and applaud The Hub for its view on the proposed skateboarding ban in Red Bank. I agree that Red Bank has spent a lot on crafting its image and it should spend a little on its own kids.

I know that a lot of people in the area agree with this view, but don’t want to be seen as rebellious because skateboarding is looked down on by many (who don’t really understand the sport). I spend a lot of time in Red Bank and most of the skateboarders I see have been courteous and often stop when people walk by to avoid hurting anyone. These kids are as much a part of the streetscape of Red Bank as the lovely renovations in the downtown area.

There are many other less prosperous towns in the country which have set up skate parks for their kids. I think that "liability" is just an excuse to avoid dealing with the issue. Why not do a study and see how others have dealt with this?

I agree that safety is important and that kids shouldn’t be skateboarding on private property, but why should they have to leave their town to skate? They are keeping busy, having fun and are close to home. Why wouldn’t we want to invest in an area in town where this can continue?

I have often sat and watched the skateboarders do their tricks and have been extremely impressed by their agility and control. I think that skateboarding should be given the same credence as any other mainstream sport.

When I think about Red Bank being called the "hippest town" in New Jersey, I always think that, in part, it is because Red Bank has allowed its community to express its creativity in innovative and alternative ways. That is what makes it hip, not just the antique stores, Victorian lighting or chic holiday decorations.

I think the skateboarding kids are symbolic of what makes Red Bank hip. Outlawing them without some other accommodation makes me think that Red Bank has swallowed its own hype and has lost its sense of purpose. Borough families, many of whom have kids who skateboard, have helped to create and maintain your image, Red Bank. You, the town, should feel obligated to spend a little to cater to them and their kids.

Vera Sansone

Fair Haven